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1) Break out your frayed denim vest and mousse that hair, because Sweden’s Airstream are in full-flouncing-effect with their debut release Kingdom of Isolation. Studded with prog, heavy metal, and good ole AOR, it’s a melodic hard rock record with oodles of ‘80s charm
Helmed by former Sky of Rage frontman Staffan ‘Stiff’ Karlsson, Airstream perform with gusto, rolling out harmless fist-pumpers and contagious choruses with ease. Opener “The Power of Music” is an instant good time, and a track like “Addicted” further proves the band’s knack for emotionally charged hard rock. It’s exceptionally cheesy, but if you adore bands like Europe, TNT, Van Halen, or even Uriah Heap, chances are you need a haircut, and that you’d probably dig these guys.

2) Airstream - чиллаут проект из Германии.
Участники: Frank Doberitz, Klaus Hänsel
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Music / Web Album Airstream - The Book of Sounds (2020) [FLAC (tracks)] Airstream - The Book of Sounds (2020) [FLAC (tracks)] 646.56
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