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For him there has always been a love for electronic dance music. The first single CD he ever bought was DJ Jose vs G-Spot - Wrong Is Right, this is a track he can still enjoys.

A question which he heard a lot is Have you had any musical education?. Well no, he hasnt. The thing that got him started in producing music was, believe it or not; Magic Music Maker. He used to take those tracks to school on a CD and that is where he met Coen Oudejans (Intractable One). He introduced him to the software called Jeskola Buzz, which he still works with. That was around september 2001, so his producing career had started.

After a few years of trial and failure, it was in 2004 where he was offered his first contract with State 28 Records. The vinyl was called Alphaverb & Friends and contained 4 tracks with different producers under which Intractable One.
Getting a contract sounded interesting, but looking back it bound him to a label which unfortunately had not much to offer to him as a starting producer.

Having outwaited this contract, he had learned a lot in the meantime. It got him looking for labels that would not bind him in a way that is not interesting for him as a producer.
He had done some remixes on several labels without having any obligations to them.

One of the labels he had produced for was impMUSIC.
This is a label where a lot new producers get a chance to start their career without any further obligations. He personally did not like all tracks they released, but they had some very nice releases throughout the years.
His idea was to bundle the best tracks to a new sublabel that would stand for refreshing hardstyle. impMUSIC wanted to give him this opportunity and thats where Bazz Implant was born.

This is where things started to get very serious for him. The labels first releases were very controversial. Some because they were very good, some because they were very different.
He started to get a lot of bookings (mainly outside the Netherlands). He went to countrys like Estonia, Hungary, Spain, France and Italy. The highlight of this adventure was when he started a liveact with Intractable One and they wanted to perform as Bazz Implant Live. The first performances were a big succes and they got booked to play at Defqon 1 Festival in 2008.

Unfortunately, due to some personal problems the communication with impMUSIC did not go in a way that was satisfying for both partys, so for that closed the Bazz Implant story for him.
He had a few choises he could make; he could join another label and change his style to fit them or he would start his own label and just go for the style he developed during the years. The last one was his choise.

Due to the fact they did not work for Bazz Implant anymore, they had to find a new name for their liveact. They took 2 letters of their individual artistnames and got to AVIO (Alphaverb & Intractable One). Even though he had no experience in this world at all, this is where he decided to call the label he was starting AVIO Records, to have it recognizable
It took him a while to get it all off the ground but in the end of 2008 the first release was a fact!

Next to that he joined A.D.B. bookings to handle his bookings in the Netherlands, which is also getting from the ground very well.
Right now he is just working in the studio a lot to improve his producing quality and you can expect a lot releases coming up at AVIO Records after the summer of 2009!

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