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Cam Lasky

Cam Lasky
Cam Lasky
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Cam Lasky is owner and main artist of KWAIOTO Records, a dark bass music label based in Kyoto since 2017.
Since the label's inception, Cam has consistently produced music inspired by novels, manga, and paintings. He has produced works such as David Peace's "Tokyo Trilogy (TOKYO YEAR ZERO(2019), CCUPIED CITY(2020), TOKYO REDUX(2021))", The Occupation Verse Projects including Yokomizo Seishi's "The Occupation Japan : Kosuke Kindaichi's Case Files", Otsuka Eishi + Mori Mika's "Kijima Nikki", The Japanese Imperialist Verse Projects spanning the Meiji and prewar periods, from "Yakumo Hyakkai" to Izumi Kyoka, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, and Edogawa Rampo's "Pre-WW2 Akechi Kogoro Case File" and The Bakumatsu Verse Project "Tokyo Hyaku" project with Italian photographer Giuseppe Francesco to revive Utagawa Hiroshige's ukiyoe "Hundred Famous Views of Edo" using current technology and Okamoto Kido's "Hanshichi Catcher's Book". The company has been actively producing and releasing more than 200 songs a year using bass music grammar in the world of "violence, disquiet, and beauty" set in modern Japan.
He is also a drummer/percussionist, so he is able to produce most of the beat section using electronic drums, stick work with Japanese drums, and finger drumming with a physical machine. By building with the physicality of his own fingers and hands, he creates a multifaceted and three-dimensional sound image.
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Music / Web Album Cam Lasky - Forbidden, Vol. 10 Foo Fighter (2022) [FLAC (tracks)] Cam Lasky - Forbidden, Vol. 10 Foo Fighter (2022) [FLAC (tracks)] 258.89
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