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Coco Bryce

Coco Bryce
Coco Bryce
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Coco Bryce started DJing – initially as DJ Scine, later on as DJ-Y – in 1995. He began with Hardcore, Rave and Drum & Bass and after 3 years started spinning Tekno, Electro, Hip Hop en Breakbeat. A musical omnivore so to speak. The combination of these styles culminated subsequently in a love for Dustep and Skweee, 2 relatively young music genres.

After DJing for a couple of years, Coco also started producing music. In 1999 he released his first track on vinyl on the ZMK affiliated OBX/Obnoxious label. The following years he released about 15 tekno and breakbeat tunes/records on various labels including Team Wasted, DDB en Neurotrope. As he changed his style of DJing and the music he played, new types of music production enveloped from his utterly creative mind, influenced by the more melodic, synth driven strains of the Dubstep sound, Hip Hop beats by producers like Dabrye and Madlib and the Northern European stripped down Funk styles of the Skweee movement.

His more recent work is/was released on labels like Fremdtunes, Lowriders, Harmönia, Mässy, Astro Dynamics and of course on his own imprint Myor.
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Music / Web Album Coco Bryce - Night On Earth (2019) [FLAC (tracks)] Coco Bryce - Night On Earth (2019) [FLAC (tracks)] 255.12
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