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DJ Tandu
DJ Tandu
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Ingo Kunzi, alias Dj Tandu was born in Stuttgart, Germany on 7th November, 1966. It took Him hardly any time to get into the field of production and he found himself producing music by 1984.

As member of the formation "Intrance feat. D-Sign" Dj Tandu Succeeded with the title "Te Quierro" i 1993 and entered the German single sales chart, at a time, as the electronic music not yet ubiquitous was. His solo debut single came in 1994 with Norm Records, under the title
"Tandu_Acido EP" on the market, from which more than 10.000 vinyl plates was put and participates with it untill today one of the most successful disks with this label at all.

Dj Tandu started a new music project called Ayla in 1995. The name came from a girl (not his girlfriend, as rumors had it) present in the studio at the time he recorded his first single, which he also named Ayla. The single was released in the beginning of 1996, and was well recieved, which made it quite a successful venture. Ayla apparently, is still very popular since people never seem to tire of making remixes of his great single e.g. Kosmonova, Dj Taucher (Ralf Armand Beck) and Veracocha (Ferry Corsten & Vincent De Moor) have made several remixes of Ayla. Recently, Dj Tandu himself made one.

Atlantis, released a year later in 1997, was Dj Tandu's Second Single of his new Project. Unfortunately though, this single didn't make as big as the first one, for reasons unknown. This probably irked Tandu, because he got together with Dj Taucher and Torsten Stenzel in March 1998 and they produced a single called Ayla Part II. This time the success was better than before. It was even bigger than with the first single Ayla. Ayla Part II sold more than 40.000 copies and now there was no looking back for Dj Tandu. Six months later, Dj Tandu went back to re-producing Ayla on his own and he released Liebe, a single which is a conversion of an old single with the same name made by Cosmic Baby. Again, this single hit the audience with a resounding impact, and it reached number 2 on the German Dance Chart, DMC.

Finally, 5 Years since Ayla's birth, the first album was released. A fully loaded CD with 12 tracks. The Album is called Nirwana. (hЁjt Anbefalet!!!). Tandu's music is consistently characteristic in it's strong melodies. In August, 1999, he re-erleased the first single Ayla in the UK rechristened Ayla UK Mixes. The Veracocha remix especially was very sucessful. Two Months later Ayla was re-released again in The Netherlands and this time under the name of Ayla Dutch Mixes.

Dj Tandu seems like someone, who has a case of insomnia and is a workaholic, because only a month later, in october 1999, he released a brand new single Called Angelfalls. And like his earlier work, the other singles from Ayla, this too displays a compelling Melody.

Beside diffrent new productions, that will appear in a short time, Dj Tandu devotes himself to the work at the turntables of course still regularly.
As guest Dj in demand he gets along weekend for weekend at the turntables of the big and important events and clubs all over the world. He has played, amongst other locations, in USA, Venezuela, Panama, Scottland, Finnland, Denmark, Ibiza, Malta, Romania, Holland, France, Switzerland, The Energy in Z¬rich or The Loveparade in Berlin.....
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