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Dionysus (US)

Dionysus (US)
Dionysus (US)
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Информация об исполнителе
Emily Sawyer - lead vocals/vocal harmonies
Scott Turner - rhithym guitars/guitar harmonies/percussion (electric &
acoustic six & twelve string guitars, tambourine & shaker)
Steve Saviano - drum kit
Sarah Loverme - keyboards (mellotron choir & strings, organ, synthesisers)
Sean Matthes - bass guitar
Joel Weinstein - lead guitars/guitar harmonies/rhithym guitars (electric
six & twelve string guitars, acoustic six string guitar)

These four songs are images of a greater story one expressed with music. We as listeners and makers of music, are a bit uninspired by the state of monotony and greed in music today. We would lake to offer something slightly twisted - heard and grace. There is as much passion and myth in our world as there ever was and music as an art from should reflectit. Thank you for supporting us and we hope you enjoy our music.
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Music / Album Dionysus - Dionysus (2001) [APE (image + .cue)] Dionysus - Dionysus (2001) [APE (image + .cue)] 189.52
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by waddaw
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