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Dream Child

Dream Child
Dream Child
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lt seems that the times are right again for Melodic Metal, the recent success of bands like Manowar, Angra and Hammerfall being the proof and without a doubt DREAM CHILD is well placed to take part of the booty.
But DREAM CHILD didn't jump on the bandwagon because since June 90 this melodic Power/Prog Metal outfit based in Annecy (French Alps near Switzerland) never ceased to work hard to perfect and impose its music.
The first two years permitted the band to write songs and test them live in various places like pubs, clubs and even arenas.

In June 92, their 1st official demo is released. "First Visions" permitted them to gain massive and positive response from the media (press and radio) from all over the world. They saw the band as the taking over of bands like Sortilege and one being able to compete with foreign bands. This craze for DREAM CHILD pushed NSR, a French label, to propose a contract to the band in 93, and in February 94 both parties agreed on a deal.

To keep the band known to media and fans, NSR allowed DREAM CHILD to use their studio to record a new demo. "Create a New World", in may 94. What a good move it was, because the excellent feedback continued, and this while recording the 1st album, giving confidence to the band.

A vague period of negociations with labels and distributors followed. The band profited from this delay by playing live (among others as guests for Vanden Plas, Crematory) and to increase their level of musicianship and songwriting.

In February 96, the album was remixed and NSR settled a deal with Brennus, the Metal division of Musea. September 96 saw finally the release of the long awaited album of DREAM CHILD and the good results were fast to come in press and radio. So much that "Torn between two worlds" became one year after its release the best selling item of Brennus and one of the very best of the whole catalogue of Musea and Night&Day.

In January 97 DREAM CHILD was voted best new band along with Angra and 2nd best French band (after Lofofora, but beating bands like Trust, Kickback, Massacra... ) by the listeners of Coton Tige, Tsf's Heavy Metal show, based in Paris but aired all over France at the time.

The band kept writting and arranging new songs for the recording of a new album that began in July 97 to stop in the middle of August to start again for new sessions in November. Due to technical problems and studio occupations, the mix just began in January 98.

The new songs show a conquering, awakened DREAM CHILD, still keeping an eye on the 80's Metal but who knows how to elaborate its music to compete with their 90 peers.

DREAM CHILD 1999 formula = The rage of modern Power Metal + the lyricism and musicianship of the Neo Prog Metal scene + the catchy side of the 80's Metal giants. A deal with Metal Blade was soon accomplished and "Reaching The Golden Gate" is released now, since 18th January 99.

Please listen carefully to these new songs, immerse yourself in the painting of J.P. Fournier (Gardenian, Diabolical Masquerade, Demoniac), and ... Let the DREAM CHILD rise again in you.

July 1999 : Dominique Leurquin (guitars) and Alain Blanc (Drums) have decided to leave the band. Gerard and Sylvain are still going to play in the band and are looking for new musicians now. DREAM CHILD will keep its own style, eventhough a slight change can be forecasted, just like between the 1st and the 2nd LP.

Mid-August 1999: Jean-Luc GURNAUD joins DREAM CHILD as the new guitarist.
October 1999 : METAL BLADE has decided to not renew their options for the next album.

December 1999 : Sylvain COCHET (bassist) has decided to leave the band in order to play a different and experimental style.
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Music / Album Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again (2018) [FLAC (image + .cue)] Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again (2018) [FLAC (image + .cue)] 591.89
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