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Gotye (произносится [goЂtijeЂ] или "gor-tee-yeah) австралийский музыкант Уолли Де Бакер (Wally De Backer) с французскими корнями, который записывает свои композиции в домашней студии в городке Оаклей, штат Виктория родился 21 мая 1980, в Брюгге (Бельгия). Gotye занимается выпуском своих дисков самостоятельно, дабы не пересечь ту грань, за которой его музыка будет подвержена влиянию общественного спроса. На церемонии награждения ARIA Music Awards, состоявшейся 28 октября в Сиднее мельбурнский музыкант Вутер ДеБакер - Gotye увез с собой звание «Лучшего исполнителя». Его новый выпущенный в этом году ремиксовый альбом «Mixed Blood» удостоился самых лестных отзывов критиков и публики.

Wouter DeBacker (born 21 May 1980, Bruges), more commonly known by the stage name Gotye (pronounced [goЂtijeЂ] or "gor-tee-yeah), is an ARIA Award-winning singer-songwriter. Born in Belgium but based in the city of Melbourne, Australia, Gotye has released two studio albums independently and one remix album featuring remixes of tracks from his first two albums.
Born in Belgium and then raised in Australia, Walter (as he is more commonly called) has been making music since his teens, first in moody local rock band Downstares, a fixture at underage shows in the North-East suburbs of Melbourne for a few years. When that band dissolved Wally started focusing on his solo project, cut'n'paste tunes that eventually would come under the moniker of 'Gotye'.

He is also one-third of Melbourne indie-pop band The Basics.

As Gotye, his public exposure, like many alternative Australian musical acts, comes largely from youth radio station Triple J.

His first single, "Learnalilgivinanlovin" from Like Drawing Blood, was released in August, 2006.

Gotye's second album Like Drawing Blood was featured by Triple J in May 2006[1] and was voted Number 1 in the listeners poll of the Best Album of 2006[2]. The album was also nominated for a J Award that year[3]. Two tracks from that album, "Learnalilgivinanlovin" and "Heart's A Mess", were ranked 94 and 8 respectively in Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2006[4]. "Like Drawing Blood" has been certified Gold for sales of over 35,000 copies.

In September 2006, Gotye was nominated for an Australian Recording Industry Music Award (ARIA award) for best independent release for his album Like Drawing Blood[5].

Also in 2006 Gotye won 'Most Outstanding New Independent Artist' at the inaugural Australian Independent Record (AIR) Chart Awards[6] and Like Drawing Blood is amongst nine shortlisted finalists in the 2006 Australian Music Prize[7].

In 2007, Gotye won the ARIA for best male artist. As a result of the publicity of the nomination, "Like Drawing Blood" re-entered the ARIA album chart at #36, surpassing the previous peak of #39. Also, "Mixed Blood" debuted on the ARIA album chart at #44. Both of these entries came the first week after the ARIA Awards.

Origins Of 'Gotye'
Wally was embarking on a project that was, in his own words, "about refiguring past things (old vinyl sounds) with my own ideas". It therefore seemed appropriate to draw on his past for inspiration for the project's name. Wouter, Gotye's real name, from Dutch translates into French as Gaultier (or Gautier or Gauthier). Wally's mother used to call him Gaultier as a pet name. Drawing on this and choosing his own spelling gives us 'Gotye'.

Studio albums
* Boardface (2004)
* Like Drawing Blood #36 (Australia); (2006)
* Mixed Blood #44 (Australia) (2007)
* Making Mirrors (2011)
* "Learnalilgivinanlovin" (2006)
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Music / Album Gotye - Like Drawing Blood (2005) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)] Gotye - Like Drawing Blood (2005) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)] 293.70
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