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Luan Parle

Luan Parle
Luan Parle
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Born in Dublin on February 1st 1981, this 27 year old solo artist began her interest in music at a very young age. Coming from a family and being the only girl with two brothers, Luan and her brothers were typical teenagers where she describes they "Refuse to elaborate"

She started learning guitar to accompany herself at talent competitions. She acquired the guitar she still has today through a rather unfortunate event. A J Walkers, It belonged to a guy who was killed at a bus stop while traveling around Australia! It found it's way back to Ireland and into her fathers hands and then past onto herself.
Taking vocal lessons from her father, a vocal coach, she kick started her career at the tender age of 12 recording her very own album, signed a 5-year contract with Anim Records, continued to play in bands until finishing school at 18.

Signed to Sony in June 2001 after being spotted by A & R man Hugh Murray, Luan released a couple of early singles and then her album "Free"
In February 2007 the young Wicklow woman received the prestigious Meteor award for "Best Irish Female Artist" at Dublin's Point venue following an extensive public vote. She has worked and written in the US, UK and Ireland with legends such as Bill Bottrell, Stephen Lironi and Chris Kimsey

" Free is something of a cracker, the sort of album that could, given half a chance, seduce America"

(Paul Byrne - Independent)

"Her voice invites comparison with a young Stevie Nicks but the full range of her vocal talents on the album means it would be an injustice to make pat comparisons. By this time next year, she could well be taking Nashville by storm"

(Peter Goulding - Community Voice)

"Parle's brand of country rock meets Stevie Nicks is engaging and commercial...... Its a wonder how a song like Free failed to garner blanket radio play. One can imagine Shania Twain having a major hit with it......Parle clearly isn't in the business of selling her soul - whatever success she earns she will earn it her way"

(John Meagher - Independent)

"Luan Parle has been heavily hyped since about four years ago. Now she has finally released her debut (adult) album Free....and for once the hype is no more than the truth! Parle is quite simply one of the most exciting singers to emerge from Ireland, or any other country for that matter, in a good few years. She has been compared to Stevie Nicks (amongst others) and there's certainly a similarity when she lets her vibrato loose at full throttle, but in terms of depth, subtlety and sheer vocal range to this writer's mind she beats Nicks hands down!! She is a subperb songsmith as well"

(Sarah Mcquaid - Evening Herald)

"Free is a glossy blend of contemporary Country, Pop & Rock falling somewhere between LeeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain & Stevie Nicks. With her stunning looks and obvious talent Parle could well be the next big star"

(Colm O' Hare - Hot Press Magazine)

"This Singer / Songwriter seems to have her eye on the American Market with this debut album. It's a good thing then that songs such as "unspoken" & looking through the back door" are perfect for listening to cruising down a highway"

(Danny McEllhinney - The Mail)

"There are bets already that this record, the debut from the hotly tipped Irish Singer Songwriter will break her into the big wide world!"

(The Times)

"Parle looks set for world stardom with the release of her album Free!"

(Eddie Rowley - The Sunday World)

"The big guns have definitely been pulled out for Parle and the result is Free. Parle is a force to be reckoned with even if no one knows it yet."

(In Dublin Magazine)

"Far from being the traditional balladry album that many expect from a female Irish singer Free is firmly in the rock category and should make for a great live show"

(Brian Campbell - The Irish News)

"Her voice is exquisite, it's got that quivery quality. It's a voice that you don't forget quickly. Luan is bravely goin where no other female artist has gone before - into country / pop, something not too un-similar to what the Dixie Chicks do, except Luan does it better.."

(Bianca Luykx - TV Now)

"Elton John was correct to describe her voice as "one of the most beautiful" he had ever heard. A huge star in the making. Do yourself a big favour and buy this album!!"

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