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Noisecontrollers consists of 2 fulltime producers: Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra.

Founded in 2005 both with a totally different musical background but with a great preference for Hardstyle (in every shape that is). Their First release was on DJS-Records called Wanna Freak You and their second release Creatures already on the big Fusion Records.

In 2007 their popularity grew strong and they started to perform their live act (including their own MC. Michel Rijenga as MC Renegade), which was a big success! Booked in clubs all over the world, people more and more enjoyed the Noisecontrollers sound. In the same year they released Crump & Aliens and things really started of.

The third release on fusion (May 2008) Shreek, Venom and Rushroom were probably the most played tracks so far! As one of the most booked hardstyle acts already ,they also decided to perform as DJs. They really had memorable performances (Qrimetime, Reverze , Hardbass and X-Qlusive Zany) and bookings all over Europe followed up by a tour in Australia!

2009 Started of as a great year because they had the honour to make the In Qontrol anthem which was a milestone for them on every level. They also did a great collaboration with Headhunterz and Wildstylez called Tonight. And with DJ Zany Delomelancum. They made remixes of Wildstylezs KYHU and DJ Zanys Thugs and Brennan Heart his One Blade.

Nowadays Noisecontrollers is unleashed, performing on every big stage(In Qontrol, Hardbass, Defqon, Mysteryland , Reverze etc.) But also on a production level they are on fire! Their latest vinyl with tracks as Yellow Minute, Attack Again and Revolution Is Here is greatly received and is a big step forward in their production level. With their new projects Samara, Unbroken, Astral 2009 and Addictive Fantasy, they are raising the bar even more!
Futhermore they did some big mix compilations like Bassleader, Hardbass Chapter 16 and Defqon 2009!

Besides having great releases with Noisecontrollers they both have their own solo production projects.
SMD and Williams Syndrome are 2 hardstyle alliases from Bas. The SMD vinyl just like you released on scantraxx , a huge hit in 2008 and brought them some great moments! Also Williams Syndrome alias has some great tracks that were released on superplastik ea. Limbo, Redemption, Emotions.
Killer Clown, a solo project from Arjan, had a release on superplastik with Tormented and Silentium tracks doing a very good job on the dance floor!

Bas Oskam (Born in 1980) :AKA : Williams Syndrome, SMD, Roughstyler & Kasparov (Hardcore)My first contact with electronic music came at the age of 6 while hearing a tape of the French legend Jean Michell Jarre. I still remember that moment. I took the tape with me and listened to it at home over and over again. Since that moment I followed most synthesizer compilations from artists like Vangelis, The Art of Noise, Jean Michell Jarre etc.In the 90s when house music came in the pitcure I immediately recognized the sound of synthesizers I loved. It was an easy connection and I started to follow mostly hard-trance and hardcore. It as in this time I also started to produce my own music on the computer with the legendary FT2 software.In 2005 I got more and more serious into producing my own music although I didnt had any studio equipment. When I met Arjan I decided to go for it and borrowed so much money nobody with common sense would borrow me in that time. Nevertheless my mom did ;-). I bought a computer with logic pro, studio monitors and external soundcard. I had no idea how many hours, days, months and years I would spend in the cellar where I just made my first studio. I started making all kinds of dance from trance to hardcore. Cause of the endless possibilities of my new set-up i felt free like a fish in the ocean but on the otherhand tied out of incapability as i didnt understand the program and rules of music production. The process of creation was so much fun I kept producing ofcourse.Within 2 months I had a record deal at vip-records and megarave records for 3 releases. This motivated extremely and i kept producing if my live depended on it. In summer 2006 a dream became true when the famous Donkey Rollers invited us. This resulted in the first release on Fusion records in 2007.In 2008 my ultimate dream became true as I moved my studio to Freaky Music in Eindhoven to produce fulltime together with producers like Zany, Donkey Rollers, The Pitcher and Arjan Terpstra 50% Noisecontrollers.. Arjan Terpstra (Born in 1981)AKA : Killer ClownMy first steps towards producing were in 1997 when i bought my first hardware sampler and software Cubase. Back then i produced alot of hiphop beats. I liked the rough beats and dark sounds(mostly samples). There werent as many plugins like today, so you really had to tweak alot to get it right. I produced hiphop until 2003 this was also the year i graduated in computer science. Besides every euro(gulden back thenJ)i earned, i spend on equipment or software.In 2003 my friends took me to Qlimax and this was the first time i came in contact with hardstyle.
I immediatly fell in love with it. Once again i was intrigued by darks sounds,melodies and fx. Also in this year i followed up my musical aspirations and studied Composition, Music and Studio-productions at the Conservatory in Groningen.

Then in 2005, when i met bas, i started to produce hardstyle and 1 year later we had our first Noisecontrollers release! To be honest producing hardstyle was for more diffictult then i thought i would be. But more satisfying in the end. I think with bas his background in Hard Trance, Trance and hardcore and my background in hiphop and classical music we have perfect combination. In 2008 it was time for the next step. I bought a specially designed studio also placed in the freaky building in Eindhoven together with Dj zany(Raoul Van Grinsven), The Pitcher(Michel Pollen) and Bas Oskam(50% Noisecontroller).

Equipment Used By Noisecontrollers:
* Mac Pro Quad Core 2.2 Ghz
* Powermac G5 1.8 Ghz
* Powermac G5 2 Ghz
* Cubase 5
* Logic Pro 7 & Logic Studio 8
* 2x Virus TI
* 2x Virus Powecore (B)
* Virus C
* Dave Smith Mono Evolver
* Waldorf Q
* Roland JP8080
* Waldorf Blofield
* Powercore
* Powercore 8x
* UAD 2 Quad
* 4x Genelec 8050 (Production Monitors)
* 2x Dynaudio BM6a
* Apogee Ensemble
* Focusrite Soundcard
* Mackie Big Knob
* And alot of software plugins.
* ALOT of Coffee and Fanta

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