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Organ Donars

Organ Donars
Organ Donars
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Well where do we start? Two brothers, born in Cornwall, not your average upbringing, hazy childhood memories on the road, sleeping in caravans, echoes of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Dire Straits and Bob Marley. Following our beloved, eccentric mother to festivals while she runs around starry eyed.
We eventually settled in what was to be voted the worst council estate in the south of England. Hell on earth to some, but to us, a world of new horizons. Firstly a horizon of mischief, getting into trouble, experimenting with mind altering substances, but soon to become a world where music would become our solace and give us some direction. Rap and Hip Hop hit the streets not only in New York, but also on the streets in our own neighbourhood and before long we had our own crew and were break dancing and beat boxing, busking for small change on weekends.
School was just a place to have a laugh, swap underground music tapes and chase girls. The only thing we really learned was how to best avoid learning anything at all.
Around 1986 we were about 13, our mum encouraged us to set up our first live show... well... a couple of disco lights and a battery powered stereo, The MSM Road Show! But we took the show on the road doing youth clubs and birthday parties and it was really from here we think our future was set in motion.

As the 90's approached a new music began to dawn, this music was Acid House and the Rave scene burst into life, this music and the culture was to change our life and captivate us forever. DJ fever took hold, experimenting on the family Hi Fi equipment, borrowing money off our 90 year old Nan (R.I.P) to buy our first set of decks, working dead-end jobs to buy vinyl, living for house parties and illegal raves! (F*ck the criminal justice bill)!
We spent our teens mixing and learning the music before venturing out into the real world finally leaving the council estate eco system behind. We landed our first DJ residencies at the late and great Remix, Madison's and Manor nightclubs in the south, along with this setting up our own record shop Atmospheric Records where we began to really learn the industry. We took a plunge to set up our own recording studio and start working together as the Organ Donors. This is where we really began to knuckle down and start concentrating on our music, doing 12 hour days everyday, we set up a couple of our own record labels and started signing tracks all over the show, The scene was rife for new material and we seemed to be doing something right. One day we received a call from Nukleuz records and were offered our first break. Our debut album Plastic Surgeons was born and from that point onwards our direction in life was clear.
It was obvious we knew nothing else and cared to do nothing other than be involved in the music business, its been hard, harder than we care to remember. Its been a long long journey getting to where we are today but what a journey it's been!
We take nothing for granted, we continue to do what we do out of raw passion and we are lucky to have made a career from it.

Peace & Love
The Organ Donors
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Music / Album VA - Defqon.1 (2011) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)] VA - Defqon.1 (2011) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)] 2.12
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by Gladskihs Rude Boy
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