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Polaris began in the autumn of 1993 in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. Founding members were Neil, Ilan, Andy and Johnny. Ilan left in 1998 and Joe took his place.

Polaris played their first proper gig at the Caribbean Club in Preston on March 17th 1994.

A split single with fellow Hyde Park band Baby Harp Seal was released in December 1994 on Kwyjibo records. The first album 'Belated' was released on Common Cause records in 1998. Other songs have appeared on various compilations, a full discography is below.

Polaris's second album on Gringo records has just been released and can be ordered directly from gringorecords using the magic buttons at the bottom of the page, or may be obtained from band members directly, possibly at a lower cost depending on the mood of the vendor.
Polaris (Andrew Pollard Guitar, vocals, Joe O'Sullivan Guitar, John Ford Bass guitar, Neil Turpin Drums) release their second album on April 10. For a band that's been around since the mid-nineties, that might seem a little slow, but there's more to Polaris than meets the eye. Formed in Leeds in 1993 and featuring members of bands like Bilge Pump and Quack Quack, Polaris have quietly become godfathers of their now exploding local scene, turning at their own pace and never compromising quality for quantity.

Through their first album 'Belated', many appearances on splits and compilations and the reputation garnered from their infrequent but incendiary live shows, Polaris are legends to those in the know. To those that aren't: where have you been?

Their new self-titled album sees Polaris perfectly capture their unique command of the rolling rhythm and irresistible bassline. But the key is the teetering balance between the uplifting and the deeply sinister that has been a constant in all their work over these past 13 years. For every joyous moment of bright melody there is a flipside of dark, resonant, foreboding heaviosity. Their skill is to perfectly employ the two contrasting sides to create a unique and harmonious whole. Polaris are set to burst out of the box marked 'Best Kept Secret'. Make sure you're around to witness it. (gringo records)
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Music / Web Album Polaris - Uncharted (EP) (2019) [FLAC (tracks)] Polaris - Uncharted (EP) (2019) [FLAC (tracks)] 157.19
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