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Seven Thorns

Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns
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Seven Thorns (formely known as 7thorns) is a Danish power metal band started by drummer Lars Borup in the late 1990s. They debuted with the single called Artificial Night in 2005. The band had by now adobted the name 7thorns.

They released their debut album called Glow of Dawn in 2007. The album was not acclaimed for its innovation, but most reviewers thought it to be a good album with a bunch of quality songs.

Things were made difficult for the band though, when problems inside the group lead to a split soon after the release of the debut. The issues led to a trial over the right to continue using the band name 7thorns. The result was that Borup built a new line-up, while taking the old name Seven Thorns back. Among the "new" recruits was former singer Mik Holm, who also sang on the debut single.

In March 2009 a new single, Forest Majesty, saw the light of day and in 2010 the band relased their second album called Return to the Past. On both Forest Majesty and Return to the Past the vocal duties were handled by Swedish singer Erik Blomkvist. Mik Holm while writing most of the songs only appeared as backing vocalist. The band didn't totally avoid controversy this time around either as an unknown guitarist has clamied to be missing from the credits even if he did play some parts on it. To support the album they toured together with Circle II Circle during the summer 2011.

During the autumn 2012 the band toured Europe together with Human Zoo, Mortician and Lillian Axe. The lead vocals were handled by the young Swedish singer Gustav Blide. Apart from that the line-up was more stable than it had been in most of the band's history. At the same time they worked on the follow up to Return to the Past. During 2013 they played anumber of concerts together with acts as Raven, Artillery, Nitrogods and Messenger.

The follow up to Return to the Past was named II and was released in ther beginning of 2014. The name suggests that the Borup and the rest of the band sees Return to the Past as the band's true album debut, and thus disregarding Glow of Dawn with it's very different line-up.

The vocals on II were handled by Erik Blomquist, who were chosen because the songs were written with him in mind. The musical style on II continues in the neo-classical fast paced power metal as on Return to the Past with Blomquists voice giving the sound a rougher edge. Gustav Blide continued to sing the songs live with his more classic power metal feel.

Blide didn't last that long in the band, however, and after some time Swedish singer Bj¦rn Asking joined the band instead. Guitarist Christian Balslev StrЁjer also left the band, leaving Gabriel Tuxen as the lone guitarist. With Asking on vocals the band released the album Symphony of Shadows in 2018. The album saw a change towards a slightly more progressive and darker sound.

The band performed at Copenhell 2017, and contined to build an audience in especially Germany.

The bands former name should be 7thorns and NOT 7 Thorns, so get those tags right. ;-) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
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