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Space Pirates

Space Pirates
Space Pirates
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Space Pirates is a group that exists of four members who want tot give live performance a whole new meaning. Often a live-act exists out of one or two laptopklicking figures, Space Pirates are gonna change that! Besides that, Space Pirates are playing live on the stage and even the vocals are live on stage. During the show the band is seeking interaction with the audience. Space Pirates are coming for two things; To rock and to make the audience go out of their mind. The show is supported with visuals. The music of Space Pirates is new and refreshing. Their music is influenced by the styles of electro, techno, techhouse and more.

2006 Space Pirates where starting to build a live-act, somewhere in an old sea container. They started making music their own because of the boring house music at that moment. They starting experimenting with little gear and a lot of creativity. The members of Space Pirates made the decision to make a real live-act, not a laptopklicking one. They play live and not trough MIDI. Six months later they expanded the concept with their own VJ.

2007 Space Pirates have an act you must see and hear. At the end of 2007 the band was playing on a showcase of B-Stage, a contest for new talents. A few months later they played at 3FM and had more than 15 minutes of air-time. On Queens day 2008 they were booked once again for a gig, this time by PACT, they ran a party in a parking garage. At the end of the show the whole parking garage went crazy.

2008 In December Space Pirates are finalist on the Grote Prijs van Nederland the biggest contest of the Netherlands. On that final they won the Audience favourite Price. Shortly after the finals they where booked as supporting-act of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig at the Effenaar in Eindhoven. The audience at that concert was new and more mainstream, but they loved the show. Show after show the fan base was growing and the name Space Pirates became well known.

2009 Queens day, a dream became truth, in 2007 on the talent podium Space Pirates spoke out their ambition; play on the main stage. In 2009 they played on the main stage and for the first time they played for over 6.000 people. After that they played at Minimaal Kabaal and rocked the place, on Blind-ID there was a pit on the dance floor and the organisation had to support the DJ booth, it was falling apart because of the crowd that went crazy. WiSH Outdoor was the first serious regional festival, they played on a sub stage in a tent on a hot sunny day. Throughout the day there were only 20 people because of the heat. Space Pirates started playing in front of 20 people but at the end of the show the tent was filled with a large crowd that loved the show.

In September 2009 they played on Reloaded festival, this nationwide festival is organized by the Matrixx in Nijmegen. Space Pirates were playing on one of the five main stages between artists like: Dr. Lektroluv, Kraak & Smaak, Brodinski, Sneak, Benjamin Bates, the Subs and Nobody Beats the Drum. In November Space Pirates made their debut in Belgium at Ansarat Festival.

2010 the band changed software from Reason to Logic and improved their sound. More and more festivals discover the sound and energy of Space Pirates, festivals like: Aangeschoten Wild Festival, Deurne de Dopeste, Emporium Festival, WiSH Outdoor, Intents Festival, Fantasy Island, the Belgian Daydream Festival, Q-Base and Festyland.

Space Pirates are working on a complete new show, with all new songs. The show will be ready for the festival season 2011.

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