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Детали релиза : VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)]

AlbumСкачать VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)]
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VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)
VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)VA - The Best World Instrumental Hits (2009) [FLAC (image + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)
Теги (жанры)
Artist: VA
Album: The Best World Instrumental Hits
Released: 2009
Genre: Easy Listening, Romantic, Instrumenral...
Country: International
Duration: 07:55:46

Vol.1, Disk 1:

01.__Francis Lai ---Emmanuelle __(3:22)
02.__Paul Mauriat ---Aloette __(2:12)
03.__James Last ---Little Man __(3:22)
04.__Ricky King ---La Corrida __(3:13)
05.__Conquistador ---Las Patillas __(2:48)
06.__Fausto Papetti ---L'ete Indien __(3:16)
07.__Pin-Occhio ---Pin-Occhio __(3:17)
08.__Mario Battaini ---El Choclo __(2:11)
09.__Francisco Garcia ---Misty Night __(2:57)
10.__Raymond Lefevre ---Concerto Pour Une Voix __(3:29)
11.__Rick Wakeman ---Swan Lager __(2:50)
12.__Brian Smith ---You Latest Trick __(4:07)
13.__The Ventures ---Fever __(2:44)
14.__Santana ---I Love You Much Too Much __(4:45)
15.__Francis Goya ---Historia De Un Amor __(2:32)
16.__Gil Ventura ---Perfidia __(2:49)
17.__P.Farima ---Guarda Che Luna __(3:17)
18.__Saint-Preux ---To Be __(5:17)
19.__Paul Mauriat ---Toccata And Fugue In Dm __(4:38)
20.__Anthony Ventura ---Michelle __(2:57)
21.__Argentinas Pan Flute ---Autumn Dream __(2:36)
22.__Richard Clayderman ---Pour Elise __(2:27)
23.__George Saxon ---Morgana __(3:10)
24.__The Shadows ---Nights In White Satin __(4:27)
Duration: 01:18:42
Vol.1, Disk 2:

01.__Francisco Garcia ---Bésame Mucho __(2:56)
02.__Gheorghe Zamfir ---The Lonely Shepherd __(4:27)
03.__Blonker ---La Valetta __(3:26)
04.__Edward Simoni ---Pop Corn __(3:02)
05.__Hugo Strasser ---Pariser Tango __(2:15)
06.__Paul Mauriat ---El Bimbo __(2:36)
07.__Pan Dana ---The Good, The Bad And The Ugly __(4:17)
08.__Ricky King ---Sinfonie #5 __(3:10)
09.__Fausto Papetti ---Elise __(2:46)
10.__Nicolas de Angelis ---Moliendo Café __(2:48)
11.__Piano Romantiques ---Letere A Ma Mere __(2:42)
12.__S. Taylor ---La Reine De Saba __(3:04)
13.__The Alan Parsons Project ---Pipeline __(4:01)
14.__Bisquit ---Zoo-Zoo __(3:15)
15.__Vanessa Mae ---Morrocan Roll __(3:13)
16.__Patrick Carol ---How Deep Is Your Love __(3:17)
17.__Boris Zepyr ---Fernando __(4:28)
18.__Diego Modena ---Song Of Ocarina __(3:44)
19.__Paul Mauriat ---Pardonne Moi __(2:50)
20.__Armik ---Amor De Guitarra __(5:04)
21.__James Last ---Tico Tico __(3:16)
22.__The Ventures ---Love Posion Number Nine __(2:07)
23.__A.M.P ---Waterloo __(2:54)
24.__Francis Goya ---Hello __(4:01)
Duration: 01:19:32
Vol.2, Disk 1:

01.__Edward Simoni ---The House Of The Rising Sun __(3:24)
02.__Anthony Ventura ---El Condor Pasa __(3:45)
03.__Candy Dulfer ---Lily Was Here __(4:22)
04.__Rick Wakeman ---Battle Sonata __(3:54)
05.__Nicolas de Angelis ---Villa California __(4:07)
06.__Fausto Papetti ---Theme From Paradise __(3:18)
07.__Paul Mauriat ---Je Ne Suis Lue L'Armour __(2:56)
08.__F. Goya, S.D. Luca ---So Close To You __(3:29)
09.__Caravelli Orchestra ---Comme Toi __(3:44)
10.__Ricky King ---Brasilia __(3:00)
11.__H. Ariand ---Peltte Fleur __(3:10)
12.__Vanessa Mae ---Contradanza __(3:52)
13.__Pedro Alvarez ---La Cumparcita __(2:30)
14.__The Ventures ---Tequila __(2:48)
15.__Gil Ventura ---Luna Latina __(3:39)
16.__The Accordeon Stars ---Amore Mio __(3:15)
17.__L. Boyd ---Moonlight Sonata __(3:00)
18.__The Alan Parsons Project ---Lucifer __(4:57)
19.__F. Lambert ---Winds Of Change __(4:03)
20.__Michel Legrand ---Les Parapluies De Cherbourg __(2:46)
21.__Hugo Strasser ---Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head __(2:32)
22.__Brian McKnight ---Color Of The Night __(3:00)
23.__Rockets ---Ave Maria __(3:51)
Duration: 01:19:20
Vol.2, Disk 2:

01.__Ennio Morricone ---Chi Mai __(5:09)
02.__Francis Lai ---Un Homme Et Une Femme __(2:46)
03.__The Ventures ---Vibrations __(3:07)
04.__Kenny Ball ---Midnight In Moscow __(3:01)
05.__Ph. Datheil ---Sous Le Ciel De Paris __(3:14)
06.__Acoustic Sound Orchestra ---The Phantom Of The Opera __(4:17)
07.__Ricky King ---Delilah __(2:19)
08.__Paul Mauriat ---Mamy Blue __(2:50)
09.__P. Hamilton Orchestra ---Hernandes Hideaway __(2:56)
10.__The Spotnicks ---Theme Of Nadja __(2:42)
11.__J. Wayne ---The War Of The Worlds __(4:01)
12.__Fausto Papetti ---Estate Violenta __(2:35)
13.__Conquistador ---Las Patillas __(2:43)
14.__Francis Goya ---I Just Called To Say I Love You __(3:51)
15.__James Last ---Hotel California __(5:46)
16.__G. Marinello Orchestra ---Girl __(2:59)
17.__Anthony Ventura ---The Boxer __(4:44)
18.__Diego Modena ---Moonlight Reggae __(4:41)
19.__Francisco Garcia ---Woman In Love __(3:48)
20.__Paul Mauriat ---Brasilia Carnaval __(2:46)
21.__Henry Mancini ---Pink Panther Theme __(2:41)
22.__Richard Clayderman ---Strangers In The Night __(3:18)
23.__L. Shiffrin ---Dim __(2:51)
Duration: 01:19:06
Vol.3, Disk 1:

01.__Ricky King ---Laguna Romantica __(3:45)
02.__Vladimir Cosma ---Les Comperes __(3:39)
03.__Paul Mauriat ---Melody Lady __(2:51)
04.__De Michel Villard ---Titine __(1:45)
05.__Fausto Papetti ---Honesty __(3:40)
06.__Francis Goya ---La Comparsa __(2:40)
07.__Armik ---Piano Nights __(5:10)
08.__G. Ventura ---Europa __(3:20)
09.__P. Hamilton Orchestra ---Living On My Own __(4:56)
10.__James Last ---Verlorener Sommer __(5:03)
11.__Piano Romantiques ---Love Story __(3:55)
12.__The Shadow ---Man Of Mystery __(2:01)
13.__H. Arland ---Sweet Moments __(2:46)
14.__Raymond Lefevre ---Volevo Un Gatto Nero __(1:57)
15.__Vanessa Mae ---Storm __(3:47)
16.__F. Lambert ---The Days Of Pearly Spencer __(4:21)
17.__The Alan Parsons Project ---The Gold Bug __(4:34)
18.__Pedro Alvarez ---Ole Guapa __(3:15)
19.__Max Greger ---In The Mood __(3:28)
20.__The Ventures ---Rap City __(2:05)
21.__Paul Mauriat ---Love Is Blue __(2:41)
22.__Fausto Papetti ---Hello Dolly __(1:54)
23.__A.M.P ---Flashdance __(3:48)
24.__Ricky King ---Tum Balalaika __(2:01)
Duration: 01:19:21
Vol.3, Disk 2:

01.__Guitar Magic ---Careless Whisper __(4:42)
02.__Paul Mauriat ---Veins-Veins __(2:53)
03.__The Ventures ---Caravan __(2:53)
04.__Hugo Strasser ---Puttin' In The Ritz __(3:09)
05.__Edward Simoni ---Feuer Tanz __(3:29)
06.__Blonker ---Aranjues __(4:47)
07.__Diego Modena ---Mystical Force __(4:00)
08.__Ricky King ---Lambada __(3:36)
09.__Ray Conniff ---Besame Mucho __(2:41)
10.__Mario Battaini ---Oracion __(2:11)
11.__Chris Spheeris ---Culture __(5:09)
12.__Fausto Papetti ---Tema D'Amore Del Film __(3:28)
13.__G. Marinello & Orchestra ---Wicked Games __(3:58)
14.__Francis Goya ---Cafe Concert __(2:50)
15.__A.M.P ---Sunshine Reggae __(4:12)
16.__The Ventures ---Music To Watch Girls By __(2:26)
17.__Saint-Preux ---Amors Meteors __(3:15)
18.__Paul Mauriat ---Toccata __(2:41)
19.__Ricky King ---Yesterday __(2:16)
20.__James Last ---Hava Nagilah __(2:49)
21.__The Shadows ---Sealed With A Kiss __(2:37)
22.__Henry Mancini ---The Windmils Of Your Mind __(3:02)
23.__Rob Ayers & The Jack Livingston Orchestra ---Unbreak My Heart __(4:20)
24.__New Dimension Orchestra ---Killing Me Softly With His Song __(2:17)
Duration: 01:19:39
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