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Детали релиза : The Wildhearts - Renaissance Men (Japanese Edition) (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]

AlbumСкачать The Wildhearts - Renaissance Men (Japanese Edition) (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]
Хэш релиза00b669218deaa3278cb593769641aebf9b6d6045
The Wildhearts - Renaissance Men (Japanese Edition) (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)
Теги (жанры)
Artist: The Wildhearts
Album: Renaissance Men
Released: 2019
Label: Vinyl Junkie Recordings
Catalog #: VJR-3219
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: UK
Duration: 00:46:40

01. Dislocated
02. Let 'Em Go
03. The Renaissance Men
04. Fine Art Of Deception
05. Diagnosis
06. My Kinda Movie
07. Little Flower
08. Emergency (Fentanyl Babylon)
09. My Side Of The Bed
10. Pilo Erection
11. Let 'Em Go (Demo)
12. Pilo Erection (Demo)
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The Wildhearts - Renaissance Men (2019) [FLAC] {Vinyl Junkie VJR-3219}

Release Info:

RLSDATE: 2021/06/05 RTLDATE: 2019/05/03
GENRE: Hard Rock FORMAT: FLAC 1.3.3
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.5 Size: 495 MB
RELEASE: Vinyl Junkie Recordings VJR-3219
ORiGiN: Japan MATRiX: VJR-3219 MT 461

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/300 dpi scans.

TheRockPit (dot) net adds...

There aren't many latter day songwriters I'd tag with the accolade
'genius.' There are many great writers of course, but for me just three
real greats over the last three decades - Donnie Vie, Tyla J Pallas and
of course Ginger Wildheart - three writers who just have that knack of
continually writing great songs.

Now whilst Tyla always has something on the go and Donnie is just about
to release his latest (those that helped fund it already have it)
Ginger hasn't put out a record as The Wildhearts for 10 years, and this
is the first time in 20 years that the "classic" line up has been in
the studio.

So is this a glorious trip back through the Time Tunnel? A remake of
the first glorious "Earth Vs." debut? There's an easy answer to that -
no. Is is "PHUQ #2" - again no. I's definitely Wildhearts but 2019
style - a little edgy, rather loud with a little of the mid-period
albums about it but certainly no "Endless Nameless."

Is it any good? Well it's damn good actually thank you for asking. As a
fan you'll be stoked even if it takes a few listens in places. It's
certainly not all big riffs and sweet harmonies, well it is kinda, and
pub sing-along choruses, but those harmonies and choruses are tempered
with a bit more steel and aggression.

Opening up with the track you've surely all heard by now, "Dislocated"
sports the sort of huge chorus that The Wildhearts are rightly known
for, it's a storming opening that gives way to the "in your face"
Celtic speed punk stylings of "Let 'Em Go" (Which also sees Frank
Turner on vocals). Most fans of course will already be in the 'yes'
camp by now but if you were on the fence then the 70's Glam of the
title track "The Renaissance Men" is just the shot to knock you off

Variety is the spice of life of course, and things heat up further for
the anarchic ditty "Fine Art Of Deception" which sees CJ and Ginger
duetting wonderfully, before we touch on the prescient topic of mental
health for "Diagnosis" and are left to wonder not only about that
important topic but also marvel at the wonder of the huge riff!

There's plenty more gas in this tank though "My Kinda Movie" is almost
the story of the Wildhearts in one song; whilst "Little Flower"
delivers the bittersweet love song hit; and "Emergency (Fentanyl
Babylon)" warms of the dangers of prescription drugs via the media of
some rather raucous punk rock.

The album ends with two crushingly good tunes the first "My Side Of The
Bed" punks it up again but in a way that punks would never have dreamed
of - changing footing ad direction constantly. The final word though
goes to "Pilo Erection" -as song that is bludgeoning and melodic in
perfect balance. It's a huge song to close with.

The Wildhearts of course tour all the time so on one hand it's like
they've never been away, but ten years since their last album they've
managed to make these ten songs sound amazing and as fresh as ever.
Sure it’s not as direct as their commercial peak but there's something
far deeper and more satisfying bout these Renaissance Men.

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/300 dpi scans.

Ripper's Notes:

The last two "demo" tracks are bonus tracks for Japan.

If you chose to share this, or any other release, elsewhere, please
give the original ripper/uploader the respect they deserve by
leaving it intact and giving credit where credit is due.

Remember, only by seeding everything you download to 1:1 are you doing your part to keep torrents alive!

As always, that about covers it!

Enjoy, and SEED!

Your friendly neighborhood Zoloft
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Добавлен2021-06-05 22:43:35
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