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Детали релиза : The Wildhearts - Diagnosis (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]

AlbumСкачать The Wildhearts - Diagnosis (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]
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The Wildhearts - Diagnosis (2019) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)
Теги (жанры)
Artist: The Wildhearts
Album: Diagnosis
Released: 2019
Label: Graphite Records
Catalog #: GRAPHFAR35CD
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: UK
Duration: 00:21:27

01. Diagnosis
02. God Damn
03. A Song About Drinking
04. The First Time
05. That's My Girl
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The Wildhearts - Diagnosis (2019) [FLAC] {Graphite Records GRAPHFAR35CD}

Release Info:

RLSDATE: 2021/06/07 RTLDATE: 2019/10/04
GENRE: Hard Rock FORMAT: FLAC 1.3.3
RiPPER: Exact Audio Copy 1.5 Size: 201 MB
RELEASE: Graphite Records GRAPHFAR35CD
ORiGiN: UK MATRiX: F91302

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/300 dpi scans.

OriginalRock (dot) net adds. . .

You wait ten years for a Wildhearts album and then - yep one and a half
come along at once. "Diagnosis" is a six-track release which includes
five new studio cuts and the title track "Diagnosis" which featured and
stood out the bands skin removing "Reinassance Men" album. This
impressive mini-albums first new offering is the cut 'n' paste "God
Damn" which kicks off with guitarist CJ taking on lead vocals duties as
the heavens open and a Wildhearts aural storm ensues. The song ends
like most start, with heart fuelled power, power and more power, it's
refreshingly brutal. Danny's bass and voice are sent into overdrive on
the futile motorpunking "A Song About Drinking" which resonates with an
explosive "Caffeine Bomb" familiarity. Ginger just doesn't write bad
songs and this is none more evident on the nerve-tingling chorus for
the rocktastic "The First Time". Ginger's lyrics walk hand in hand with
the band’s musical strength, sometimes the words are deeply personal,
including "Every night alive is a night of second chances" or as a
commercial "She's so fine, fine, fine I think about her all the time."
"That's My Girl" is a simple yet ear-splitting slice of set filling,
boot bouncing Rock 'N' Roll Wildhearts style. Final track "LOCAC" is a
thunderous drum meeting a mutation of noise as it thrashes, punches,
pukes and swirls like a drunken mental breakdown in a Weatherspoons

Cherish these productivity spikes from this priceless rollercoaster of
a band because with both Ginger and The Wildhearts God only knows what
tomorrow could bring.

Ripper's Notes:

As is the case with most Wildhearts' singles, other bands wish they
could write songs as solid as The Wildhearts' b-sides.

If you chose to share this, or any other release, elsewhere, please
give the original ripper/uploader the respect they deserve by
leaving it intact and giving credit where credit is due.

Remember, only by seeding everything you download to 1:1 are you doing your part to keep torrents alive!

As always, that just about covers it!

Enjoy, and SEED!

Your friendly neighborhood Zoloft
Размер201.50 MB (211,287,550 байт)
Добавлен2021-06-07 12:50:40
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