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Детали релиза : Chris McCormack & Ritch Battersby - Extreme Rock (2005) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]

AlbumСкачать Chris McCormack & Ritch Battersby - Extreme Rock (2005) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)]
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Chris McCormack & Ritch Battersby - Extreme Rock (2005) [FLAC (tracks + .cue)](кликните для просмотра полного изображения)
Теги (жанры)
Artist: Chris McCormack & Ritch Battersby
Album: Extreme Rock
Released: 2005
Label: Music House
Catalog #: MH29
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: UK
Duration: 01:17:34

1. Anything You Wanna Do
2. Anything You Wanna Do (Backing Track)
3. Everybody's Having Fun
4. Everybody's Having Fun (Backing Track)
5. It's Gonna Break Your Heart
6. It's Gonna Break Your Heart (Backing Track)
7. Lilac Sky
8. What Are You Wearing?
9. What Are You Wearing? (Backing Track)
10. Rock And Roll Suicide
11. Rock And Roll Suicide (Backing Track)
12. Empty Souls
13. Empty Souls (Backing Track)
14. 10 Reasons You're Wrong (featuring Jay Butler)
15. 10 Reasons You're Wrong (Backing Track)
16. Torture Garden
17. Torture Garden (Backing Track)
18. Digital Chaos
19. Compromise
20. Compromise (Backing Track)
21. Chemicals
22. Anything You Wanna Do
23. Anything You Wanna Do (Backing Track)
24. Everybody's Having Fun
25. Everybody's Having Fun (Backing Track)
26. It's Gonna Break Your Heart
27. It's Gonna Break Your Heart (Backing Track)
28. Lilac Sky
29. What Are You Wearing?
30. What Are You Wearing? (Backing Track)
31. Rock And Roll Suicide
32. Rock And Roll Suicide (Backing Track)
33. Empty Souls
34. Empty Souls (Backing Track)
35. 10 Reasons You're Wrong (featuring Jay Butler)
36. 10 Reasons You're Wrong (Backing Track)
37. Torture Garden
38. Torture Garden (Backing Track)
39. Digital Chaos
40. Compromise
41. Compromise (Backing Track)
42. Chemicals
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Chris McCormack & Ritch Battersby - Extreme Rock (2005) [FLAC] {Music House MH29}

Release Info:

RLSDATE: 2022/09/17 RTLDATE: 2005/XX/XX
GENRE: Hard Rock SiZE: 557 MB
RELEASE: Music House MH29 ORiGiN: Germany
MATRiX: www.mediamotion.com MH29 @ 1 IFPI LW03

with log/cue/nfo/m3u/sfv/300 dpi scans.

about Chris McCormack. . .

Chris McCormack (born 1973 in South Shields, England) is an English rock
guitarist, best known as the guitarist and co-founder of 1990s rock band, 3
Colours Red and the organiser of Camden Rocks Festival.

The younger brother of Danny McCormack of The Wildhearts, Chris McCormack
first found success playing guitar for Newcastle-upon-Tyne heavy metal outfit
Forgodsake, who released an album on Bleeding Heart Records before McCormack
eventually left.

He Originally moved to London to join Honeycrack with C. J. from The
Wildhearts but ended up forming 3 Colours Red with ex- Diamond Head bassist
Pete Vuckovic instead. They went on to record two UK top 40 albums and six UK
top 40 singles before splitting at their peak in 1999. He soon joined electro
rockers Grand Theft Audio with Rich Battersby from The Wildhearts, and spent
several months touring the US with them. 3 Colours Red reformed in 2002 and
released a third album but split again in 2005.

He has also toured as the guitarist in Gary Numan's live band, and the
reformed Professionals, with former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook.

Since 2009 he has run Camden Rocks Festival; a music festival in Camden Town,
London showcasing both new and established artists across twenty venues in
just one day. The festival headliners have featured the likes of The Cribbs,
Bullet For My Valentine, The Subways, PiL, Feeder and Frank Turner. McCormack
also organizes regular Camden Rocks shows in Camden Town for upcoming bands.

about Ritch Battersby. . .

Christ almighty, finding a bio of Ritch online is proving to be difficult. He
was born, he plays drums, the rest is up to you.

Ripper's Notes:

Not really sure what the heck this really is. It's not a commercial CD, you
couldn't go to the mall and buy it. I figure it's some sort of artist showcase,
used to promote the guys as musicians and songwriters for hire. Need a writer?
Need a guitarist? We're your guys, check out what we can do. . .

Even beyond that, this CD is really weird. There are 11 actual songs. Yeah,
11 songs. Most of them are just on here 4 times. The first 21 tracks are
a full song, and a "backing track" version (instrumental). The second 21
songs are the same tracks as the first 21, just in edited to about 30 second

That is, of course, except 3 tracks, Lilac Sky, Digital Chaos, and Chemicals.
Those three are only on twice each, because they are instrumental to begin
with. Strange huh? I don't get it either.

That being said, there is nothing really "extreme" about any of the music on
this release, it's straight ahead Hard Rock, that should sit well with any
Wildhearts fan. If you are a masochist feel free to listen to it all the way
thru, otherwise, just use the "Alternate" playlist, and hear a pretty solid 11
track album.

If you chose to share this, or any other release, elsewhere, please
give the original ripper/uploader the respect they deserve by
leaving it intact and giving credit where credit is due.

Remember, only by seeding everything you download to 1:1 are you doing your part to keep torrents alive!

As always, that just about covers it!

Enjoy, and SEED!

Your friendly neighborhood Zoloft
Размер557.05 MB (584,106,496 байт)
Добавлен2022-09-17 20:18:14
РаздающийПоследний раз был здесь 13 секунд назад
Взят8 раз
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