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Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 1 Появилась новая версия EAC`а 
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http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/en/index.p ... /download/

:wub: Появилась новая версия EAC`а

23 ноя 2010, 18:43
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November 23, 2010

Finally here is the new version 1.0 beta 1 which has some mighty new features. I took some time (mainly the complete change to unicode character set), but alls well that ends well…
Here comes a list of the new features:
+ Unicode support for all fields (but not CD-Text)
+ New database engine for storing CD information (old databases can be imported)
+ Metadata plugin support, for now there is a freedb plugin included. This will be released as open source freeware soon.
+ Cover support, can be drag’n'dropped from a file, a web page oder can be retrieved via a metadata plugin (support included in the freedb plugin). Cover can be written into tags or in the extraction directory
+ AccurateRip v2 support
+ Better Windows 7 support (like progress display in taskbar icon, storage of user data in the correct folders, etc.)
+ Free selection of first track track number (including option to continue numbering from the last inserted CD)
+ Option to always write the log file in english language
+ Option for writing a checksum over the extraction log data to the log file
+ Average extraction speed is listed in the log file
+ Possibility to write only V2 tags (and no V1 tags)
+ Free choice of replacement characters for filenames
+ Range copy selects now the first selected consecutive range of tracks as default
+ New folder browser dialog (system dialog for folders)
+ Added two placeholders for filename creation for track length (min and sec)
+ Test for (command line) compression options (and display of a sample command line)
+ Menu for removing unwanted/doubled spaces from “cd title”, “artist” & “track titles”
And some features are now removed:
- Removed Windows 2000 support (and any older OSs)
- Removed ID3V1 tag editor
- Removed compression offset

может кто-то уже тестил?


23 ноя 2010, 23:07
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Это более усовершенствованная версия по моему мнению,в отличии от 09 версии,более удобный интерфейс,хотя сами настройки сильно не изменились.

07 мар 2013, 17:33
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xDDDx писал(а):
Это более усовершенствованная версия по моему мнению,в отличии от 09 версии,более удобный интерфейс,хотя сами настройки сильно не изменились.

давно уже вышла Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 3 :rolleyes:

Andre Wiethoff писал(а):
What’s new: September 22, 2011

The released beta 3 of EAC is probably the first really stable 1.0 version, as many more bugs are fixed. For an exact list, please read the News.rtf file, which is stored in the EAC directory by the installer (and which can be accessed via the start menu).
This version includes the CTDB plugin written by Gregory Chudov. It will not be installed by default, you need to check the plugin option in the installer. If everything works as expected, the next version of EAC will come with the CTDB plugin installed by default. So try it out now!


10 мар 2013, 21:13
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